Just Stop and Think About It

Proverbs 21:12 The righteous man wisely considereth the  house of the wicked…

This statement jumped off the page at me and made me want to praise the Lord. I have had people say about me that I am controlling. I see it as having a  desire for the Word of God to direct me. I want the Bible to control me. I fall down and get back up, but I go back wanting Him to control me. His way is perfect. I want that for my marriage and my children. I want Him to control them. What is the opposite of control? Rebellion. I don’t want to see anyone rebelling against God. So I’m guilty.

The Bible says that the righteous man “wisely considereth.” Strong’s concordance  defines it as “to be circumspect and hence, intelligent.” To study to make a wise and intelligent decision. To be honest right here, I have to say that to study anything, I have to have something to compare it to. I do; it’s the Holy Bible, King James Authorized Version. So when God tells me to judge the wicked man’s house, the way his kids act, what they are obsessed with, his ruin and sorrow, I’m not really the one who is judging him, I’m only measuring him by the divine ruler and my Father is teaching me what not to do and what to protect my family from. So, praise the Lord!


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