May 26th.

May 26, 1826 – Ann Judson wrote a lengthy, heartrending letter to her brother-in-law, Dr. Judson, relating the details of the inhuman suffering that Adoniram had endured during his imprisonment. Some might conclude that God had forgotten His servant, but such was not the case. But let another event in the life of the great missionary prove our point. Dr. Judson, while ministering to the heathen of India, also became burdened for others to the point that he raised $1,000 for a mission to Palestine, which he urged the Baptist Union to establish. But to his great regret, the enterprise was not undertaken. But many years later, actually two weeks before his death, Mrs. Judson read to him from Dr. Hague’s journal of travels in the East, that he learned that a tract that had been published in Germany giving an account of Dr. Judson’s labors in Ava; that it had fallen into the hands of some Jews, and had been the means of their conversion; and it had reached Trebizond [a Grecian state], where a Jew had translated it for the Jews of that place; that it had awakened a deep interest among them …and that a request had been made for a missionary to be sent to them from Constantinople. Mrs. Judson adds, “His eyes were filled with tears, when I had done reading…then in a look of almost unearthly solemnity came over him, and clinging fast to my hand…he said: ‘Love, this frightens me…I never was deeply interested in any object, I never prayed sincerely and earnestly for anything, but it came; at some time, no matter at how distant a day; somehow, in some shape, probably the last I should have desired, it came. And yet I have had so little faith…!’”


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