Straining at Gnats and Swallowing Camels

Matthew 23:24     Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat , and swallow a camel.

I usually don’t lift a verse out of the narrative and build a blog around it, but today this one seemed to fit my frustration. I find myself venting often on this blog, and I don’t mean to come across as arrogant or a know it all. I just become pained when I hear people who claim to be trusting Christ nitpicking over things that have no bearing on whether or not a person goes to Heaven or Hell. Being a pastor, I have run into many “experts” over the years who claim to have found something that no one else has and they want to push their pet convictions on me. I have heard those who are into the Hebrew numbering system and claim to be able to predict the Antichrist or the date of the Rapture, or then there are those who claim that all our methods are corrupted by the Catholic church. I freely admit that many today embrace traditions they don’t understand and should do some research and ask some questions. If you are a Baptist, I would suggest you study Baptist history instead of taking it for granted. Some today are turning back to Judaism with all its holy days and dietary laws in an attempt to be more “pure” while accepting much of the world that the Bible is specifically against. Then there are those who can’t discern literal from parable when reading the Bible. It all gives me a headache. What’s worse, it takes away from the main thing, soul-winning. Why can’t Christians see the simplicity of the Bible’s message. It is not a Rubik’s cube that is hard to solve, it is bread for the Believer. If Satan can get Christians to chase their tails over side issues, they will ignore the task at hand, which is reaching the lost with the Gospel. Brothers and Sisters, if you knew you only had a week until Christ came for you, wouldn’t you be about His business instead of trying to persuade the world about your pet doctrine? It seems sometimes that everybody is an expert, but no one is doing anything. Oh! I’m sure the Lord is grieved.

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